Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Combs-Reinert Wedding

Bride's Name: Hadley Meredith Combs
Groom's Name: Christian Patrick Reinert
Wedding Date: August 7, 2004
City of Wedding: Charleston
Church: First Baptist Church

My husband and I were in New York City in April 2004 visiting my daughter Hadley. She was getting her Master Degree from Manhattan School of Music and was performing in an opera at the school.After the performance she and her boyfriend Christian joined us for dinner.. I was wondering to myself while we were eating if maybe we would hear about an engagement or something, but nothing was said. We all walked back to our hotel and said good bye to them as we were leaving the next morning for Charleston. About 2 AM our hotel phone rang and it was Hadley screaming over the phone: I AM ENGAGED WE ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED!!\" of course I could not sleep a bit .. We met them the next morning for coffee and to see the ring!! They were so excited!! I asked, well when were you all thinking about having a wedding? and Hadley said maybe August. I thought to myself there is no way we will be able to get a church and a place for a reception in Charleston the Wedding Capital of the South !! So I called my other daughter Elizabeth to see if she could start scouting out places and then on the plane started making notes of what to do to have a wedding in 3 months! Well, being that Charleston is called \"The Holy City\" and with my faith in the Lord and a lot of prayer, doors were opened!! Within 1 week First Baptist Church downtown on Church Street had an opening on August 7!! then we called The Old Exchange Building and they just had a cancellation on August 7th!!

The morning of the wedding I woke up and opened the back door and it was 73 degrees with NO humidity!! by wedding time at 6pm it was about 78 !! According to Rob Fowler of Channel 2 news it was the coolest day in Charleston in 50 years!! The wedding was lovely, The Lord's Prayer was beautifully sung by a close friend of Hadley and Christian. Pastor Joe said "I think we can all say an Amen to that." After the ceremony the whole bridal party WALKED in the nice cool air to the Old Exchange Building for the reception!! Yes!! what a Blessed day we had in \"The Holy City\" thank you Lord !! and I will say an Amen to that!!

Submitted by LaNelle Combs, mother of the bride

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bork-Davis Wedding

Bride's Name: Dr. Devon Bork
Groom's Name: Dr. Gavin Davis
Wedding Date: May 18, 2009
City of Wedding: Charleston
Church: St. Luke's Chapel

In just a few days we will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of our son, Gavin and his lovely wife Devon. They met during the first week of med-school at MUSC, and began dating shortly thereafter. When they found out that they would both be going to Univ. of Alabama to begin their residencies, they decided (with very little notice) that they wanted to be married in Charleston (Devon's hometown) three days after their graduation from MUSC. Our daughter had been planning her own wedding in Baltimore for several months, and was planning to be married just 5 weeks later! As you can imagine, we were initially panicked at the idea of two weddings so close together! As it turned out,both weddings were wonderful!! Gavin and Devon decided to marry on a Monday, and do a lot of their planning themselves. Not only were they finishing med-school, preparing to take the second part of their boards, and planning a move to Birmingham early in June...they set about designing and printing their own invitations, planning and making their own decorations (Devon and her mother made all of the flower arrangements) and planning their reception which was held at the I'on Creek Club and catered by Cru Catering. The decision to marry on a Monday was financial genius in every respect. May 18,2009 dawned wet and unseasonably cold for Charleston, but by 5PM it had cleared and by the time they cut their cake, we were blessed with one of the most spectacular sunsets any of us has ever seen! They both agree that working together to make their wedding day a beautiful one is one of their best memories! We love Charleston and visit as often as possible...however, their graduation/wedding week was one of our favorite stays in the Holy City!

Submitted by Susan Davis, mother of the groom

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grimsley-Lehman Wedding

Bride's Name: Ramona Lynn Grimsley
Groom's Name: John Henry Lehman, Jr.
Wedding Date: May 5, 1982
City of Wedding: Charleston
Church Name: St. Alban's Chapel, The Citadel

I met my husband at the Citadel in 4th battalion. My girlfriend and I, College of Charleston students, had put on Citadel jogging clothes and run through the salleyport into her boyfriend's room. I was trying on the full dress coat when I heard someone coming. I grabbed the sword and lunged at the door and made a menacing sound. My future husband was at the door.

We went on a date the next day. I met his parents on Parent's Day, visited at his home in Delaware on the Christmas holiday and we were married on the afternoon of his graduation (since his relatives were from Delaware and beyond and were present for the graduation.) It was an action-packed, full day.

I forgot my dress at the cleaners (I got a spot on it having outdoor photos made) and my friend, Lori, had to go get it while I was at the graduation. My future husband was giving me pearl earrings as my wedding gift and neglected to get them. He had to rush to Sam Solomon on East Bay Street as soon as graduation was over. He told me that he told the salesperson to give him the biggest pearl earrings they had.

I got ready at the Mills House and put on the finishing touches in the vestry. Reception followed at the Charleston Naval Base Officer's Club.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Huff-Kerr Wedding

Bride's Name: Krista Beth Huff
Groom's Name: Mark Andrew Kerr
Wedding Date: October 24, 2008
City of Wedding: Charleston
Church: St. Luke's

Mark and I were married on October 24th, 2008. October 24th made national news the following day because of “significant flooding” which I later learned was the worst the area had seen in 10 years.

Mark and I had known each other for four months when he proposed to me. Mark is a lifelong Charlestonian so we knew that we wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. I spent a year and a half planning our wedding. I could envision how perfectly the candlelight would play off the crystals on the chandeliers in Society Hall and how Mark and I would dance and twirl underneath them. I painstakingly constructed over 100 of my mothers famous Christmas cookies and assembled dance cards for all of the ladies (because it wouldn’t have been a proper Charleston gathering without dance cards).

The wedding day came so quickly. I stood in St. Luke’s Chapel dressed in a giant wedding gown with a tulle skirt that I accessorized with ribbons, feathers, and brooches. I clutched the vows that I had compiled and became nervous about the prospect of reading them aloud. I don’t remember seeing anyone at the ceremony except my groom. I was so happy and so in love.

The reception was a blur of photographs and dancing. All of the practice we did for our first dance paid off and before we knew it a year and a half of flowers, menus, colors, centerpieces, and invitations had come and gone in a matter of hours. We were suddenly sitting alone in the lobby of the Charleston Place Hotel wondering how we had gotten to this point in our lives so quickly.

Now I am finally able to laugh about our wedding day; how our groomsmen showed up in t-shirts and jeans because their car stalled in the flood, how I was late to my own wedding because the streets were blocked, how not one thing that day had gone quite as planned. I have a few good memories from our wedding day and one of them is celebrating our love with all of our closest friends and family who braved flood waters to be with us. The memories of things that didn’t go quite right that day are slowly being forgotten and replaced with the beautiful pictures that will forever be a reminder of the day I married the love of my life.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Russell-West Wedding

Bride's Name: Debora Russell
Groom's Name: William Ellis West
Wedding Date: January 03, 1981
City of Wedding: Charleston
Church: John Wesley United Methodist Church

I was getting married in January of 1981. My grandmother bought my wedding dress at Condon’s for my birthday present in November. It was a beautiful long sleeved gown with beaded Chantilly lace. We worked together and altered the gown until it fit perfectly. I carried it to Lyerlys to have it pressed. I was having my portrait sitting in early December at Furchgott’s on a Saturday morning. I went to pick up my gown from the cleaners and I just couldn’t understand why I could not find the place. I drove around the block hunting for a place I had known all my life. The cleaners had burned down the night before. I spoke to a lone gentleman sitting at a folding table in the parking lot. He remembered my gown and told me that it hadn’t been destroyed but that it was smoke and water damaged. They wanted to send it to a specialty center to restore it. I agreed but I was in a panic because my wedding was in 4 weeks. I went with my grandmother on Sunday afternoon to look for a new gown. Rosalie Myers opened her store for me and even though the season had changed, she went into her storeroom and showed me some gowns. The first one she brought out was perfect. The problem: the gown cost 5 times what my first gown cost. When my original gown came back from the cleaners it was a disaster. I cried and cried because my wedding was in one week and I didn’t have a wedding gown. Mrs. Myers called the owner of the cleaners and I was stunned when the insurance company paid for my new gown. Furchgott’s scheduled an evening sitting and took my bridal portrait two days before my wedding.

The wedding was perfect. Will and I were the last ones to leave the church after the ceremony and the custodian locked up behind us. We looked around for our ride and there was no one there. We had been left behind. Will and I walked the neighborhood behind John Wesley knocking on doors looking for someone home so we could call for a ride. The groom in tails and the bride with her veil and train thrown over her arm walking the sidewalks of Charleston.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Giesy-Dexter Wedding

Bride's Name: Rhea Giesy
Groom's Name: Brad Dexter
Wedding Date: June 23, 2006
City of Wedding: Charleston

Story: I met Brad, a native of Kingston, Ontario, in Charleston while he was still playing hockey for the South Carolina Stingrays in 2001. At that time I had lived in Charleston since starting the College of Charleston in 1997 (I am a Virginia native) and was working in the arts community. Brad and I moved abroad so that he could continue his hockey career in Denmark, and, later, in Victoria, British Columbia. We got engaged over the 2005 Christmas holiday and decided the wedding had to be in back in the town where we first met.

The entire event took place at The Historic Rice Mill Building, on the Ashley River. I wore my mother’s wedding dress from her wedding in 1966. We had it altered into my dream dress – a halter-style bodice with an A-line skirt. Three of my five bridesmaids live in Charleston – Kenton Barham, Georgia Crawford Nettles and my sister, Rachel Giesy Chesser. One of Brad’s attendants, Dave Seitz, is a former Stingray and a Charlestonian. The officiant was a dear family friend, Glen Langston.

We wanted the reception to a fun party! Black Eyed Susan was our band; our friends and family danced all night! We had a cigar bar on the patio and all sorts of surprising people were found with stogies out there, even my dad! Our wedding decorations had a slightly Asian theme and our colors were chocolate and turquoise with hints of red. Flowers for the ceremony were calla lilies and the reception flowers were an assorted of orchids; by David Singleton. We had a sushi station (our favorite) and lots of Lowcountry goodies. At the end of the night, a rickshaw swept us away to our honeymoon suite at the Meeting Street Suites, although we put on our dancing shoes and joined our wedding guests at Club Trio. Kevin Harrison, a friend and local artist, photographed the entire day of events including the post party.

Submitted by Rhea Giesy Dexter
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