Thursday, August 6, 2009

Huff-Kerr Wedding

Bride's Name: Krista Beth Huff
Groom's Name: Mark Andrew Kerr
Wedding Date: October 24, 2008
City of Wedding: Charleston
Church: St. Luke's

Mark and I were married on October 24th, 2008. October 24th made national news the following day because of “significant flooding” which I later learned was the worst the area had seen in 10 years.

Mark and I had known each other for four months when he proposed to me. Mark is a lifelong Charlestonian so we knew that we wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. I spent a year and a half planning our wedding. I could envision how perfectly the candlelight would play off the crystals on the chandeliers in Society Hall and how Mark and I would dance and twirl underneath them. I painstakingly constructed over 100 of my mothers famous Christmas cookies and assembled dance cards for all of the ladies (because it wouldn’t have been a proper Charleston gathering without dance cards).

The wedding day came so quickly. I stood in St. Luke’s Chapel dressed in a giant wedding gown with a tulle skirt that I accessorized with ribbons, feathers, and brooches. I clutched the vows that I had compiled and became nervous about the prospect of reading them aloud. I don’t remember seeing anyone at the ceremony except my groom. I was so happy and so in love.

The reception was a blur of photographs and dancing. All of the practice we did for our first dance paid off and before we knew it a year and a half of flowers, menus, colors, centerpieces, and invitations had come and gone in a matter of hours. We were suddenly sitting alone in the lobby of the Charleston Place Hotel wondering how we had gotten to this point in our lives so quickly.

Now I am finally able to laugh about our wedding day; how our groomsmen showed up in t-shirts and jeans because their car stalled in the flood, how I was late to my own wedding because the streets were blocked, how not one thing that day had gone quite as planned. I have a few good memories from our wedding day and one of them is celebrating our love with all of our closest friends and family who braved flood waters to be with us. The memories of things that didn’t go quite right that day are slowly being forgotten and replaced with the beautiful pictures that will forever be a reminder of the day I married the love of my life.


  1. Without the antics of the day... such a great story would never have been born.


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